Our Story

Founded in 2009, Growing Up For Good creates and supports nature-based programs that benefit the physical and emotional well being of children and inspire a mind-set for community service.We connect with children,primarily 2-6, through educational and arts based programs that celebrate the environment and provide a basic understanding of what it means to respect nature and our community; embodying this understanding helps children grow into more compassionate and responsible individuals.

Stephanie Rach-Wilson

Growing Up For Good is founded by Stephanie Rach-Wilson and inspired by a childhood
steeped in community service. As a young 4-H member in an active family, Ms. Rach-Wilson
learned the value of contribution at an early age. Her mother ran the local newspaper while
supporting communities in need. Be it the local shelter, hospital, or individual child seeking a
safe place to live for a while, Ms. Rach-Wilson's family believed that contribution to community
was part of the daily "to do" list along with cleaning out the barn, milking the goats, feeding the
pigs, and collecting fresh eggs and oranges for breakfast. To many of her friends it was a life
filled with chores but it empowered the intuitive mind-set she believes all children are born with;
the innate sense to care.

Diana Britt
Board of Directors

Social change, environmentalism and human rights have always
been a passion for Diana. Her commitment to children's
programs is prevalent though her support of organizations like
Raphael House and Care through Action. Additionally, her family
supports many community based organizations; her husband is
an organic dairy farmer and as a family they realize the
importance of connecting children to the land. Diana is currently
a sales executive at Google, lnc. and lives in Marin with her
husband and two girls.